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Everything You Need to Know About the A1C Test

Everything We Need to Know About the A1C Test

By Gabriela | Tips

Diabetes leads to chronically high blood glucose levels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, i.e., CDC around 29.1 million Americans are living with this chronic disease. This means that 1 of 11 people has the condition. Previously, these people depended only on daily finger sticks or urine tests in order to measure […]

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Can You Treat Nerve Damage with Fish Oil

Fish Oil for Nerve Damage – Yes or No?

By Gabriela | Diabetes

Diabetic neuropathies are actually a group of nerve disorders that occur due to diabetes. Over time, individuals with this chronic illness can experience nerve damage in their bodies. Moreover, some individuals have nerve damage, but still, they don’t have any symptoms. Other individuals might have signs such as numbness, pain, or tingling in the legs, […]

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4 Healthy Fats You Should Be Eating Every Day

4 Healthy Fats We Should Be Eating Every Day

By Gabriela | Diet

We’ve come to the last group of foods after going through starchy grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy. Today it’s time to point out the best superfoods from the food group called fats. And no, fats are not something we should avoid as they are essential for our health, just like all other […]

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Can High Blood Glucose Cause Stomach Pain

Can High Blood Glucose Cause Stomach Pain?

By Gabriela | Tips

Stomach and gastrointestinal pains could be a sign of a more serious problem. One such problem is gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is a stomach disease that affects the nerves that control the muscles of the stomach. When these muscles stop working, the stomach can’t properly grind and empty the food into the intestine. This disease can interfere […]

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Who Is at Risk of Developing Charcot Foot

Who is at Risk of Developing Charcot Foot?

By Gabriela | Tips

Constant high blood glucose levels lead to diabetes, which, in turn, cause many health complications if left untreated. Some of the common health problems among diabetics with poor diabetes management affect the feet. There are two major causes of diabetes foot problems: poor circulation and nerve damage. One of the most dangerous problems is Charcot […]

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