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Diabetes is a medical condition in which blood glucose (the main source of energy that comes from the food you eat) is too high over a prolonged period.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible Condition?

What Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes According to Researchers

According to a recent study from the Newcastle University, there is a possibility to reverse Type 2 diabetes and also to do that for the long term. The statistics say that in the United States around 90 million people have prediabetes and over 30 million have type 2 diabetes. So, is it possible to reverse […]

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How Does Coffee Affect Blood Sugar?

How Does Coffee Affect Blood Sugar and Is It Good for Diabetes

In the past, coffee was believed to be bad for overall health. But nowadays, there is growing evidence that the coffee might actually be beneficial and help protect from Parkinson’s disease, depression, and liver disease. One study came to the conclusion that if we increase the intake of coffee that might be beneficial, which was […]

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