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Is White Rice More Harmful Than Sugary Drinks for Your Blood Sugar?

By JaSe | Articles

May 12

Diabetic people are faced with a new threat which tends to be more potent than sugary drinks. Would you believe if you find out that one such product is rice? Yes, white rice.

In a recent research, the scientists have come up with a striking fact about white rice. According to them, white rice is more harmful than sugary drinks for a person suffering from diabetes.

Zee Yoong Kang, the Health Promotion Board chief executive, claims that sugary drinks and obesity are the main reasons for the onset of diabetes in the West.

Also, Asians are more prone to this disease than Caucasians which points out that people do not need to be obese to have a higher risk of diabetes.

You will probably ask how white rice is more harmful than sugary drinks? Yes, that’s completely right. White rice is high in sugar which can overload the human body sugar thus increasing the risk of diabetes.

Mr. Zee has provided a considerable evidence which includes a meta-analysis of 4 major studies. These studies were conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in the British Medical Journal. They included around 350,000 participants who were followed for 4-20 years.

The studies have pointed out two important facts:

1. Each serving of white rice consumed on a daily basis can increase the risk of diabetes by 11%.

2. While Asian people eat four servings of cooked rice a day, Australians and Americans eat just five portions a week.

However, Mr. Zee does not intend to prevent the consumption of rice, especially among the Asians since it is one of the most popular meals there. What he would like is to make people turn to healthier solutions.

When it comes to the increase of blood sugar, short grain white rice is worse than long grain. This is because it increases the blood sugar level and such blood sugar level makes the pancreas produce more insulin. These frequent spikes in the blood insulin levels can lead to diabetes.

He also recommends that people should add a 20% of brown rice to the white rice. In this way, they will reduce diabetes risk by 16%. So, we can conclude that people do not have to replace completely what they eat but to add more of whole grain and brown rice.

According to Gan Kim Yong, the Health Minister, diabetes costs the country more than $1 billion every year. Further on, this disease leads to increased rate of kidney failure, blindness, and amputations in Singapore.

A diabetes expert at Raffles Hospital, Dr.Stanley Liew, recommends that people should eat less rice. He also points out that both sodas and junk fund are just as bad as white rice.

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