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Groundbreaking Research to Cure Diabetes

By NaDica | Diabetes News

Dec 14

For many years now, scientists have been working on different ways to better deal with diabetes and maybe even cure it. That idea of curing diabetes has always fallen far off, well until now.

The scientists from the Rangos Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital lately have been working with a specific virus.

Image Source: KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh

They think that this virus might cure diabetes. The findings have been better than they expected and they noticed positive results when it comes to animal testing.

If these results also turn out to be positive in humans, then people might finally get the cure for diabetes, the world has been waiting for.

Image Source: KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh

The director of the research, who is also a surgeon, Dr. George Gittes says that the pancreas makes insulin and with diabetes, there is an issue with that.

The idea would be to tweak or induce the existing cells in a person who has diabetes in the pancreas, tweak the cells into turning into insulin cells.

Image Source: KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh

This would be better rather give someone cells which make insulin, something that may be rejected as a foreign thing.

The specific virus is actually lab-engineered for safety. It works as a gene therapy. The virus which is specially designed is delivered directly to the pancreas with the help of an endoscope.

There it can seek out a certain kind of a cell and try to convert it into an insulin cell. Only a single injection might cure the disease forever. Dr.Gittes talks on this topic. He says that they infuse viruses into the pancreatic tissue.

Image Source: KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh

That permeates through the pancreas. However, it discovers cells which can convert into insulin cells, and that occurs. This team of scientists has tested the virus in monkeys and mice as well. The results were positive.

When it comes to the mouse studies, they have been predictable. And when it comes to the monkey participants, still there are some inconsistencies. So, scientists have a couple of kinks to work out of the system.

They should do it before they can test it on humans. Dr. Gittes says that once they get a consistent result with the monkey subjects, then they will go to the FDA with the intention to present the trial they want to do in diabetic patients.

Image Source: KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh

However, this system is closer than any before when it comes to curing diabetes forever; it is something which gives hope to many people.

Dr. Gittes thinks that they are close to that specific point. According to him, this is possible, and he soon might be identified as the scientists responsible for curing diabetes, thanks to his team and they virus they have made.

Watch the video below to learn more about this diabetes cure in the making. You will also hear from different patients with diabetes who hope their lives will be changed after this project is finished.

Source: The Diabetes Site