Is It True That Diabetes Is on the Decline in the USA?

Is It True That Diabetes Is on the Decline in the USA?

By NaDica | Articles

Mar 30

Let’s start off with the main question- is diabetes on the decline? Well according to results it isn’t. As a matter of fact, diabetes is on the rise. It seems that there is always someone who doesn’t fit the common profile of diabetes and still gets the diagnosis.

And this is always someone you least expect. Yes, the number of diabetes is growing. But what about the reports which say that diabetes is dropping? Many say diabetes is on the decline. It this true?

Diabetes Is on the Decline?

There was a report about diabetes decline in the USA, but is this true? This article was published in 2015, and the author here discusses the drop in diabetes by 1/5 between 2009 and 2014.

As a matter of fact, this same number was noted by CDC that is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This estimate of 1.4 million new diabetes cases in 2014, as actually opposed to around 1.7 million new diabetes cases in 2008.

So, there is a decline here between these 2 years. But one thing wasn’t mentioned, and that is that the number might be low, but still, there are plenty of cases of diabetes.

This small decline gives hope. But how did this happen?

Are Wellness Efforts and Prevention Helping?

It might be that the effort which has been put into DPP, i.e., Diabetes Prevention Programs of CDC finally paid off.

Based on CDC findings, all efforts in health education in the area of wellness and prevention have started to have some effect when it comes to the status of health in Americans.

Finally, we started paying attention to portion sizes, and we stopped consuming so many sodas. We move more, and that is why there is a decrease in rates of obesity. But, the situation is not ideal.

Need for Improvement

You must remember one thing we still have double the rate of diabetes in comparison to the 1990s. The fact is that there is still work to be done when it comes to diabetes.

It seems that the key to this is education. This education is based on incorporating wellness activities and prevention.

It seems that people are beginning to understand that high consumption of carbs and fast foods and sedentary lifestyle might cause heart disease and diabetes.

What Can Keep Diabetes on the Decline?

In order to prevent the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, there is a need for certain things.

Those things are education at the community level and family, programs for workplace wellness, unique community opportunities, and community programs for wellness and prevention.

Awareness activities, like health fairs, help keep the people aware of the solutions and problem available. Organized group activities at community, like get moving programs and heart walks keep people thinking about fitness and wellness.

Prevention and Wellness Programs

There is a need for diverse and new programs in order to reach different populations.

Programs with health insurance companies and also employers which give people weekly calls in order to remind them to take a specific drug, or to take their walk on a daily basis have been shown to be useful and helpful.

Such community support groups have actually helped many people to keep on track and in that way they feel they have a voice.

Even for those people who have diabetes, all of these efforts go towards preventing diabetes in order to help lower the number of drugs they need to take and also to have a healthier life.

Th key is to increase access to healthy foods such as non-processed, whole foods, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Is the Prevalence of Diabetes Going Down?

The CDC noted that from 2009 to around 2014, the diabetes prevalence went down notably.

However, below you will see the original graph which shows an increase in the new diabetes cases which start in 1980 and going up until 2009.

Thanks to this we will see that, diabetes is on the rise, except between 2009 and 2014 were we see a drop. But the overall diabetes case is much more in comparison to when it was in 1980.

So, if you only mentioned this drop then surely this is misleading. You can easily see the true story on the graph on the CDC.

But this shouldn’t discourage us. We should do our best to lessen the newly diagnosed diabetes cases and see a notable decline in diabetes.

So what is your opinion on this? Do you believe that diabetes is on the decline or the rise?