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Diabetes is a medical condition in which blood glucose (the main source of energy that comes from the food you eat) is too high over a prolonged period.

What Could Bleeding Gums Be a Sign For?

Could Bleeding Gums Be a Warning Sign of Diabetes

According to a recent study, bleeding gums might be an early symptom of diabetes type 2. Yes, as a matter of fact, serious gum disease such as periodontitis might show that someone has this chronic illness. However, dentists could help these people with some simple tests. It might help prevent them from losing their teeth. […]

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Should We Soak Our Feet If We Have Diabetes?

Should People with Diabetes Soak Their Feet

Soaking our feet can help soothe the pain and relax the feet. Furthermore, a warm salty bath may be ideal for improving the blood circulation. But, what about preventing diabetic foot infections? Unfortunately, soaking feet might cause inflammation and increase the pain in those with diabetic foot problems. Unlike tired feet, these problems are chronic […]

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The Life-Changing Program For 6 People With T1D and T2D

The People Who Reversed Their Diabetes in 30 Days

Diabetes nowadays is among the most widespread diseases. The American Diabetes Association reports that in 2012, around 9.3 percent of the population or approximately 29.1 Americans had diabetes. As a matter of fact, diabetes is at an exponential rate.  The main goal when it comes to diabetes treatment is to minimize the elevation of blood glucose […]

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Can High Blood Glucose Affect Our Sleep?

Can High Blood Glucose Affect Your Sleep

We all know how much we need a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, falling asleep with type 1 diabetes might be a bit more difficult than usual. These people experience sudden spikes and dips in their blood sugar levels, especially during the night. According to the Sleep Disorder Program at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical […]

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Exciting Discovery About Onion Extract

Exciting Discovery - Onion Extract Could Help Reduce Blood Glucose

Besides adding flavor to our dishes, onions boost our meals with iron, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. What’s more, they are low in calories. Thanks to their incredible content, onions provide a wide range of health benefits, including: Boost the immune system, thanks to vitamin C and phytochemical content Relieve […]

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