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Diabetes is a medical condition in which blood glucose (the main source of energy that comes from the food you eat) is too high over a prolonged period.

How Can Coffee Protect the Eyes?

How Can Coffee Protect the Eyes

Coffee lovers drink coffee to get the much-needed energy boost in the morning. But, we believe that they will be glad to hear that coffee can do much more for their health. It turns out this drink is not only a caffeine fix but a way to keep our eyes healthy. Research shows that coffee […]

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How Can Pets Improve Type 1 Diabetes Management?

Here's How Pets Can Improve Type 1 Diabetes Management

Children have much to gain from raising a pet at home, especially if they are involved in its care. According to research, this may be particularly useful for those with diabetes type 1. Around 1.25 million children in America have this chronic condition. Those affected by it have to keep their blood glucose levels in […]

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