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Fruit and Diabetes – Is It Safe to Eat?

Fruit and Diabetes - Is It Safe to Eat

Those who have type 2 diabetes are very well aware that they cannot drink sugar-laden drinks or have chocolate cake every single day. But the inevitable question comes –  is all sugar off-limits for type 2 diabetes? Does this include the natural sugar present in fruits? The fruit contains sugar, but it is abundant with […]

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Low Potassium Diet – 3 Steps We Must Know About

Low Potassium Diet - 3 Steps You Must Know About

Potassium is a mineral which is important for life. This mineral is necessary for many organs to work correctly such as the kidneys, heart, etc. But in high doses, this mineral can be dangerous. However, we should never take potassium supplements without consulting a doctor. Our body uses this mineral in homeostasis (balancing the electrical […]

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