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New Stem Cell Approach to Control Blood Glucose?

New Stem Cell Approach May Help Treat Diabetes Study

Researchers have adjusted the technique for converting human stem cells into beta cells that produce insulin. They have shown that the resulting cells tend to be more responsive when it comes to fluctuating sugar blood levels. Based on the research published in the Journal Stem Cells Reports, stem cells may be converted into cells which […]

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The Breakfast That Helped Me Control My Blood Sugar Levels

The Breakfast That Helped Me Control My Blood Sugar Levels

Even the birds on the trees know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is like that? Well, because breakfast supports a healthy metabolism, improves concentration and boosts energy. Over the years, many studies linked breakfast with good health, better concentration, and memory, lower chances of different health problems like high […]

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15 Foods That Keep Blood Sugar Low

15 Super Foods That Keep Blood Sugar Low & Help Burn Fat

Imagine standing in front of the big bedroom mirror and loving what you are seeing, loving the look and feeling amazing? No more blood glucose spikes, feeling full of energy and feeling ready to take on life. That thought is amazing, isn’t it? In order to do that we must consult our doctor, be physically […]

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A Little-Known Fact About Mulberries

People with High Blood Sugar Or Diabetes Need To Know About This Little Black Berry

Nowadays, one of the most common diseases most people suffer from is diabetes, to be more specific – type 2 diabetes. As a matter of fact, only in the US, 29.1 million people have this condition, and around 8.1 million of them are actually undiagnosed. This number is expected to rise. Doctors and scientists are […]

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Unexpectedly High Glucose Levels – Causes and Prevention

Unexpectedly High Glucose Levels - Causes and Prevention

Even if we are following our doctor’s recommendation, exercising regularly and eating right, our sugar levels might sometimes increase unexpectedly. The director of the Diabetes Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, Linda M. Siminerio, RD, Ph.D., talks on this topic. According to Dr. Siminerio, blood glucose levels fluctuate constantly in those affected by the chronic […]

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