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Sugar or Salt – Which is Worse for Blood Sugar and Overall Health?

Sugar or Salt - Which is Worse for Your Blood Sugar and Overall Health?

When it comes to lowering the blood pressure, everyone suggests reducing sodium intake and salt. According to the ADA, i.e., American Diabetes Association the dietary pattern should include increasing potassium intake, moderation regarding alcohol intake, increased physical activity and reducing sodium intake. On the other hand, the CDC, i.e., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

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Why We Should Start Eating Artichokes Today?

Here's Why You Should Start Eating Artichokes Today!

Artichokes are delicious but most importantly, loaded with nutrients that help maintain an optimal health. They protect the liver, heart, and digestive tract from different health problems, and help reduce any inflammatory process that’s going on in your body. They are a great addition to your diet and a fantastic source of vitamin C, magnesium, […]

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