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What Is Insulin Plant and How It Can Benefit Your Health

By NaDica | Articles

Jan 05

Costus igneus also known by the name insulin plant is actually a plant which grows to a height of two feet.

This plant belongs to the Costaceae family. However, this plant is more known by the name insulin plant. Moreover, it is called Jarul, spiral flag, step ladder, Keukand, fiery costus, and Kostum.

The reason why this plant is drawing more and more attention is because of its many medicinal properties. This plant has chemicals like steroids, terpenoids, tanins, saponins, sapogenin, corosolic acid, and flavonoids.

As a matter of fact, this plant has been used in Ayurveda. Read on, to find out more about the benefits of this plant.

5 Top Benefits of the Insulin Plant

1. Anti-Diabetes Property

This plant can help lower the blood glucose levels in the blood. In fact, in order to keep your blood glucose levels under control, you only need to take 1 leaf on a daily basis.

Moreover, this plant can help lower the level of cholesterol. People with diabetes normally have high cholesterol levels which are induced because of the high glucose levels in the blood.

Therefore, you should know that if you have diabetes, this plant will have a double effect. That means that it will lower your cholesterol levels and at the same time keep your blood glucose under control.

And for all that, all you need is only 1 leaf. Amazing, right?

2. Antiseptic Nature

You can put the insulin plant extract to the skin and in that way stop the antimicrobial activity.

In fact, the antiseptic action is actually from the outside of the body. You might efficiently obstruct the speed and growth of the microbes on the skin.

3. Helps Ease the Signs of Bronchitis

Bronchitis happens when the airways become narrow because of inflammation and mucus. The leaves of this plant might help combat the inflammation and lower the cholesterol level.

These leaves might help eliminate the obstructions in your airways and also improve the breathing.

4. Diuretic Property

The leaves of this plant can also help bring relief from urinary issues. All you need for two cups of water is 3 leaves. In case the taste is too strong for you, feel free to add raw organic honey.

This mixture helps increase the potassium and sodium clearance which indicates that indeed it has good diuresis.

5. Antibacterial Property

The insulin plant has chemicals which help prevent bacteria and its growth. You can use the leaves of this plant both externally and internally.

In case you have candidiasis of the hair and nails, you need to make a paste out of the leaves and apply it to your affected area. That can help you relieve the symptoms and also improve your condition.

How to Use This Plant

You can chew the leaf of this plant before swallowing it. Then you need to drink water right away. You can start with 2 leaves twice on a daily basis and reduce the amount to 1 leaf in the subsequent week.

You will notice results after one month. However, you need to consult your doctor before you use this plant.